It has been a long time since I have written a blog post specifically for Tiny r(E)volution. Perhaps the biggest reason for that is because we knew once we were living in the house we would want to just revel in that. We would want to focus on living. You can’t always be planning or doing.

This morning I woke up just before 7am as I usually do. It was already raining outdoors and the house was dark. I rose just long enough to get our daughter started with her day. I made her grits and a glass of milk. Once in her chair she called out for “Big Buhd” which she typically does each morning. Thanks to Steve Jobs and Netflix I put on Sesame Street and her day began. The AC had come on most likely in an effort to ward off the humidity which has blanketed us thickly this past week. The lights were on in the kitchen but the bedroom area was still dark and the bed seemed to be calling for me if for even just a few more minutes. I couldn’t resist. I went back and laid down for nearly 20 more minutes telling the world outside to wait. I’d get there when I got there.

Tiny Morning