TinyHouseNC gang2I have talked many times about my affinity with North Carolina. From the waterfront of the East to the mountain ranges of the West to all the cities and municipalities in between I think I like the state more than…..well, James Taylor or Old Crow Medicine Show. I have often said that my idea of peace on Earth is traveling through Carolina, stopping long enough to live a new adventure. The place you are living is every bit as important as the home you are living in. And so with that I am proud to announce that along with Steven Harrell, Laura LaVoie, and Ryan Mitchell, I am beginning an organization called TinyHouseNC.com.

What makes us so special? Well, nothing really. We are no more special than anyone else in the dynamic tiny house community. However, each of us has been part of the tiny house scene for many years and we believe we have a lot to offer. Living in North Carolina is an important part of our personal journeys so when the opportunity arose to join forces (think Justice League of America) we jumped at the chance. North Carolina breeds diversity in its people and its landscape and each of us experience different parts of it daily. Through TinyHouseNC we hope to create a perfect place for small living enthusiasts to seek advice, services, and resources here at TinyHouseNC.

Our mission is “To showcase tiny house builders, dwellers, and dreamers in the state of North Carolina as well as be a vital resource to them in their path to a tiny life.”

The tiny house movement is on the rise and we know many people are looking for ways to downsize and simplify their lives. Exchanging a fast-paced life for a simpler, mortgage-free house can be the answer for many individuals right here in North Carolina. Coupling the minimalist lifestyle with off the grid energy solutions can encourage people to consume less and reduce waste. The possibilities for a tiny lifestyle are endless and the four of us here at TinyHouseNC.com represent many different options.

Imagine resources like this throughout the US, and even the world, where other tiny house builders can use their experience to assist others right in their own back yard. There was a time when tiny house builders were so spread out that the nearest might be several states away. Those times are changing and the gaps are filling in. We can reach out to our own neighbors and work together to make tiny living a truly sustainable resource.

The TinyHouseNC.com website is currently under construction but if you’re interested in knowing more about the launch, go to the page and enter your email address. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We hope our model and our mission is something tiny home builders in North Carolina have been looking for and that we can share our own passion for tiny spaces with others in our state.

To quote our website, “Tiny House NC is passionate about being fully engaged with the tiny housecommunity in North Carolina. We want to forge connections with and promote the lives of the community and its members. It isn’t just about building houses but turning them into homes.”