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Do you own an iPad? Are ou one of the millions of people who use the Newsstand and subscribe to online magazines? Do you love tiny houses and look forward to any opportunity to take a peek inside one? If so, Tiny House magazine – edited and published by Kent Griswold – is probably the magazine you should be reading!

If so, the Tiny House Magazine by Kent Griswold is available to you.

Kent Griswold: the man behind the mag

Kent is the owner of Tiny House Blog, the first ever blog/website dedicated to tiny homes. I was able to chat with Kent recently at the Relaxshacks Tiny House Workshop in Wilmington, NC about the blog, the magazine, and most things in between!

Tiny r(E)volution: How long have you been blogging at Tiny House Blog?

Kent Griswold: The Tiny House Blog turns 6 year old in May of 2013. It has been a fun journey and I have met many neat people along the way.

Tr: Was it really the first website/blog dedicated to tiny houses?

KG: Yes, it was the first blog dedicated to tiny houses though many others have followed I have been fortunate that so many of my original readers have stayed with me over the years.

Tr: What has sustained you all these years? Are you still just as passionate about small spaces?

KG: I think that I have become more passionate about it as the years have progressed. It has been fun to see it grow from such a small interest group to the large one it is today. I hope that it becomes even more progressive as the future unfolds.

Tr: Why move in to a magazine? Was it by audience request or did you want to build something other than just a blog?

KG: The Magazine format takes me even more back to my graphics design roots but with a modern twist. On the iPad different media can be put into place such as video and internet related programing making it more interactive. I also saw this media as a way to reach people who have not been exposed to the tiny house idea through other forms. The magazine is also different in the fact that it takes the best of the tiny house bloggers and influencers and puts their content in one location.

Tr: What has the general reception been?

KG: The Tiny House Magazine has grown slowly but steadily and I have been asked by many to make it available in another format. The plan is to launch it this week in PDF format so that anyone can now read it on any devise. It will lack some of the interactivity of the iPad but I will attempt to keep as much of that in the PDF version.

Tr: What do you see in the MOST IMMEDIATE future for THM?

KG: The most immediate change is the conversion to a PDF and whether or not it will become an accepted format. I will test this out over the following several months.


What To Expect and How to Subscribe

So far there are three available issues with contributions from a number of tiny house folk including Kent, Dan LoucheSteven HarrellTammy StrobelLogan SmithKirsten Dirksen, and myself.


How to Get the Tiny House Magazine on iPad

If you’re not already on your iPad, go get it! If you are on a desktop or laptop or even a Kindle or other eReader that accepts PDF format…..go get them! Point your web browser to this link! (You can also visit

Step 1. Select which version of the magazine you wish to purchase – iOS or PDF – by clicking on the appropriate image.

Step 2A. If you select iOS you will be prompted to open in iTunes. Once in iTunes you will download the App. Once downloaded you can select which issue (or a full year subscription) you wish to purchase. For just a few bucks you’ll be able to easily read Tiny House Magazine in your iOS Newsstand.

Step 2B.  If you select PDF you will see an image of each cover to date. Underneath the image is an ‘Add to Cart’ button. Click on the button of the issue you wish to purchase. Then select BUY NOW. With just one download you’ll be able to easily read a PDF version of the popular Tiny House Magazine.


In The Future

You will see a sidebar ad for Tiny House Magazine. You can easily click that ad or instruct a friend to and simply follow the direction. In no time at all you’ll be reading the latest (or your favorite) issue of Kent Griswold’s Tiny House Magazine!