UNWhen we first started this site we made sure to mention several times that we were an UN-copyright site/resource. What does that mean though? Who cares? I mean, isn’t the Internet designed so that we can just take what we want and use it how we want? (if you answered YES, I now question your ethics altogether).

Truth be told, I am not a fan of copyright. While I respect copyrights and peoples ownership of event intellectual property, I hold fast to the idea that what I have to say is free to the world. You can see that we practice what we preach.

On the Interwebs and in the blogosphere I feel as if copyright comes from a very over-protective mindset. We’ll call it “helicopter authoring.” The creator owns his work and must protect it in order to profit from it. The creator then shares his work with others, but only at a price, and anyone who dares “borrow” it without paying, or uses it as inspiration or a way to further creations, is a thief. It can almost be seen as a sort of virtual bait and switch scenario.

But hey, that’s the copyright mindset.

The UN-copyright mindset however, is that of someone who gives without any guarantee of profit, who lets go of ownership and believes the world owns his creation. He hopes to contribute to the world in a small way, and if others benefit from this contribution, that’s a good thing. And if others use his contribution to create something new and beautiful, that’s a wonderful thing. I mean, that is why we started Tiny r(E)volution anyway. We felt like there wasn’t enough free resources out there for tiny house dreamers/builders/dwellers.

The UN-copyright creator lets go of ownership, because to hold on to ownership hurts the world, and to try to protect that ownership leads to unnecessary stress.