Tiny Quality Homes seemed to come from nowhere. When I was alerted to them I had not yet heard of them, seen their work on the Interwebs, seen a blog, or even just kind of….well, “heard” of them. But when I did I knew that I needed to know more.

Founded and run by Michael Menrath – a current soldier serving in the Army at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, TX – Tiny Quality Homes is not so much a business as it is a dream. With only three months remaining in his six-year “contract” with Uncle Sam, Menrath will get out of the Army having been deployed twice with the 101st Airborne Division; once to Iraq in 2007-2008 and once to Afghanistan in 2010-2011. Ironically it was during his deployment to Afghanistan that he came across tiny houses.

Originally searching for house plans (around 2,000 sq.ft.) he instead stumbled across Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Menrath was instantly hooked and could definitely see the irony of his search and the results they yielded. Fast forward to 2013. Menrath is “taken over” by the tiny house lifestyle and the happiness and freedom he feels it produces. So taken over that on May 20, 2012 he and his wife decided it was the life for them.

After sharing his concept and design visions with his wife (who by this time had also become enamored by the lifestyle) the two took to planning their future on a 22-acre plot of land in Tennessee.

The home they are building is exquisite and is more a mini mansion than a tiny house. Featuring a large loft, a 48-inch luxury shower with glass door, body jet sprays, and an overhead rain nozzle, as well as a garden window in the kitchen and a ventless gas fireplace, Menrath and his wife Tessie are poised to be living a life of luxury no matter how many square feet!

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