Tiny homes on wheels are being built around the country, sited in backyards and backwoods, providing affordable housing, a green lifestyle, and simplified living to their owners. As the movement grows, we decided to live the questions: Can we build and showcase a few tiny homes on wheels in a DC urban alley lot? Within view of the nation’s Capitol? Not in the woods but in a true community, connected to a neighborhood?  Yes, we think. Watch out left coast, the DC adventure begins.

664479_10152257415920254_1348762668_oI don’t think it can be said any better regarding the tiny house community or Boneyard Studios in urban Washington DC. Led by three incredible individuals – Lee, Jay, and Brian – and assisted by a team of talented designers and builders, Boneyard is an intentional community anchored by three tiny houses designed to show the world just how an abandoned lot in the center of a city can be turned in to a wonderful and productive home.

We are joined in the studio today by Lee and Brian who put words to vision and explain the tenants of the Boneyard mission:

  • showcase creative urban infill on one of many vacant city lots
  • promote the benefits of tiny houses: highly affordable housing, green, simple, attractive
  • model to the country what a tiny house community could look like
  • promote DC zoning/code changes to allow construction/habitation of ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) & tiny houses
  • build capacity of DC tiny house designers and builders

You can also find Lee and Brian as well as Boneyard Studios in general on Facebook.

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