There are people you meet in life that you may not fully understand why until much later. Such is the case with my longtime friend and good buddy Kevin Gilkes.

We met sometime in middle or high school in Norfolk, VA. Both being born and bred members of the largely Navy community we knew life on a budget. We both grew up in post WWII cracker boxes and lived in families that believed in occupying every inch of house space. Nothing was wasted.

Since high school graduation we both took steps to assure successful careers and successful families accruing along the way all the visual signs of such. Good in school = good college = good career = good salary = big house. But somewhere along the line we both realized that it wasn’t about all that. It was about so much more. And then we met again.

About three years ago we met as two husbands; two people locked in to 9-to-5’s desperately seeking the meaning. We talked…..and talked, and talked. And with his background in filmmaking and my desire to build a tiny house we decided to dig deeper into ourselves and film every shovel full.

So today we are ecstatic to have Kevin in the hot seat to talk about all those topics and to share with us why he keeps asking me to upload my footage!

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