BowerbirdsThe studio is jamming today with the beautiful sounds of national recording artists Bowerbirds. A sort of acoustic/folk/indie/pop/artsy rock band fronted by Beth Tacular and Phil Moore, Bowerbirds are not just superbly talented in a studio setting but are also in the middle of an exciting tiny home/art studio/recording studio build just outside of Raleigh, NC.

Starting in 2007 with some cheap land in the rural outskirts of the city and an Airstream trailer the couple has slowly built a 240-square foot art studio after living in the trailer for three years, with no running water, electric lights or real source of heat, so they could afford to start the band, record albums, make art, go on tours, and put all their money back into the building project. Beth and Phil are no strangers to sacrifice.  The studio is where Beth makes art and writes songs on a very small piano. There is also a small sleeping loft to accomodate the two while finishing the larger cabin;  493 sq.ft. plus a 168 sq.ft. loft.

They have recently launched a KickStarter campaign though to assist them in achieving their build goals and their artistic vision. (EDITORS NOTE: At press time they had met and exceeded their goal).

The band (and real life couple) is a true testament to hard work, dedication, research, goal-setting, and discipline.

You can listen to and find the Bowerbirds online as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I have also included their great video created for KickStarter but featuring some great images and even better music!

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