Early on in our research when we were looking at tiny house photos and examples one thing we noticed was the use of skylights. Having only heard awful things about skylights and ceiling leaks I was quite hesitant about even considering one in our home. Thank goodness I did my research and moved beyond that though.

Our 30′ x 8′ tiny house features a very prominently placed skylight in the gourmet kitchen area. It is, in fact, our window to the world, so to speak. A well placed skylight provides natural light (as well as round the clock weather predictions!) without compromising privacy. They add ventilation (a sense of air moving through the house) and a lot of natural light which is so much better on the eyes. If I had it to do again I would have done a skylight in the rear as well. If we ever build another home of some sort we will integrate more skylighting. It really is wonderful.

And so to that end I thought it would be nice to show how to install a skylight in your tiny house. Please note this is not a retrofit How-To video. It is a video based on integrating a skylight while framing. Enjoy the show! And don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos.