For several weeks now I have gone back and forth regarding the overall cost of keeping Tiny r(E)volution online and on-air.

When we first began the website it was with the sole idea of just documenting our personal process of building a process. We never imagined it would become the dynamic community it is today. But necessity dictates and we almost immediately began receiving questions and requests via email and comments. We saw a need for more information, more resources, more tutorials, etc. We weren’t sure what we could add to the conversation but we jumped feet first into the deep end anyway developing a Facebook presence, a YouTube channel, a Flickr account, and other avenues of information. Through our sponsorships and partnerships we introduced new products to the tiny house community and brought to light advances in the tiny house world. Most recently we have expanded to a podcast that brings some of the most incredible voices in the tiny house world to your iTunes. It has required a significant amount of time, effort, and even money. It has been a labor of love all the way though.

Now as 2013 approaches we are looking at a slightly larger web hosting expense as well as some minor equipment upgrades in order to continue our current level of resource. Please note that we WILL NOT disappear. We will find the funds to continue our current level of activity. But it will be so much easier if we approach this next year as a community; a true group of r(E)volutionaries.

If you will notice we have added a PayPal Donate button to the right of this post just below our sponsor ads (which generate no income mind you.) Clicking that button will take you to a secure PayPal location that will allow you to gift Tiny r(E)volution in any way you can. We are asking for just $1 from 250 folks. If you want to donate more, we will make sure to pour it back into our efforts. But if we had 250 people (Facebook fans, Google+ circles, blog readers, etc) give just $1 each we would be in “high cotton!”

So while you are preparing to shop till you drop on Black Friday, gear up for the holiday gift season, or purchase your next S’bucks latte, I ask that you consider a very generous $1 donation to be a partner of the r(E)volution. As always, we will document the funds that come in and then post how those funds were used beginning January 1, 2013.

Thank you in advance and thank you for just being such an awesome community!