Today we are joined in the studio by Sarah Myers McNair; student, advocate. and tiny house designer/builder. A masters student, Sarah has built a beautiful tiny home to help spread awareness about how the tiny house movement effects and is effected by environment, economy, and society.

Sarah runs the blog Small House, Big Adventure and has documented her incredible process over the last 6 months or so. To help understand her project it is best to hear from Sarah herself:


The tiny house movement has increased in popularity and awareness over the last decade. This project capitalizes on the amount of information on tiny house living and building in order to act as a final project for my degree. The focus on the environment, economics, and society relate directly to my degree’s concentration in Environmental Sustainability because it focuses on the 3 tenants of this field.

Project Description

The house will be built on a trailer with the goal to use as much recycled or reclaimed material as reasonably possible. Construction will strike a balance between the environment (eco-materials), economics (compromising eco versus regular materials), and society (using strong materials and building correctly for safety). It requires some construction knowledge but I will rely on purchased plans, detailed DIY book, and other tiny home builders’ blogs and guidance. This project aims to prove that an “average” person can accomplish it on a small budget. It is acknowledged that the “average” person may not have a construction expert on-hand, but my sponsor’s periodic inspections will be vital to ensuring the safety of the project. Throughout the duration of this venture, I will keep a blog for other tiny house enthusiasts to learn from my successes and mistakes and complete a research paper for the course.


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