I am fortunate enough to call Kent Griswold – editor of tinyhouseblog.com – a friend and have been hearing him make reference to a tiny house magazine for several months now. I knew it was going to be a great showing simply because of Kent’s proven passion for tiny houses and his desire to really put together a journal of sorts for the tiny house community! When I received the news that it had been released and was ready for public consumption I was NOT disappointed. So in celebration of this new “rag” (vernacular for magazine, mind you) I wanted to print Kent’s letter to me regarding the magazine.

I am excited to introduce Tiny House Magazine and its Preview Issue hot off the (virtual) presses and available in the NewsStand for the Apple iPad. The goal with the magazine is to reach a new audience via this new media. At this time the Tiny House Magazine is only available for the iPad but I am hoping to be able to migrate it to the Android and Kindle in the not to distant future. I may also offer a .pdf version though it will not have all the interactivity built in.

The Tiny House Magazine is an unique experience that takes advantage of the iPad’s interactive capabilities. Because it is connected to the internet it can take advantage of videos and other interactive web related formats. By simply clicking a play button you can view a video right within the magazine. It’s a whole new reading experience has the the ability to link to other websites and blogs!

I would like to offer a chance for you to share this with your blog or website readers and give them a discount as well. No pressure on my part if you choose not to participate. Here is the offer:

Use the Coupon Code THM6 and you will receive six months of the magazine FREE. You then will have the option to subscribe for future issues if you so choose. Please share the code with your friends and families – with anyone who has an iPad and is not familiar with what is going on in the Tiny House Movement. This magazine issue is designed to give an overview of the tiny house movement and includes FAQs, a movie, and much more to show the world what it is all about.

Here is how to input the Coupon Code:

1.      Click on Yellow Subscribe Button

2.      Popup comes up

3.      Click on Current Subscribers

4.      Enter Code THM6

This special offer is only good until October 31, 2012 so go and download it and now before you forget. Click on the following link: http://bit.ly/TinyHouseMagazine.

Just a warning as well. There have been a couple of glitches with people signing up. Have them email me at tinyhouseblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support in this new venture.

Kent Griswold


You can believe that I immediately picked up my iPad and downloaded the premiere copy and subscribed. Such a fun little magazine! Now, I know not all of you are Apple fans or have an iPad. Remember my friends. It is like our podcast. Many people in the tiny house community do things just for the love of the community. We don’t have unlimited resources and in the case of Kent actually printing a magazine is an expensive endeavor. In time he will offer what he can and for that I, for one, am quite thankful.

So? What are you waiting for? Go on and subscribe now!