Radiant BarrierWant to know one of the perks of having this site? It’s being able to introduce you to new companies; companies that are sponsors of Tiny r(E)volution but that offer new and exciting products to and for the tiny house community. They care about conscious building as much as you and I do! As we’ve stated before, we believe in the companies we partner with. We don’t just take free stuff and run with it. We wouldn’t do that to our family and we certainly won’t present it to yours. We make sure their corporate mission aligns with our personal mission.

But Where’s The Offer?

We joined up with EcoFoil in April 2012. We were excited to try out their Double Bubble Insulation as the rodent-proof, moisture-proof, insulating product as opposed to rolled aluminum or metal flashing on our tiny house trailer. As we installed the product we even showed you how as well! And then as we continued the build we used their Radiant Barrier Insulation for our roof. And again, showed you how! And last week we even gave away some of the White Double Bubble!

Because EcoFoil has enjoyed meeting so many wonderful member of the tiny house community and interacting with them they have decided to offer a 5% discount on ALL PRODUCTS.

All you have to do is use the code GOTINY5 at checkout. (Copying and pasting the code is the easiest way). That’s how much they believe in their product, in the Tiny r(E)volution, and tiny living in general. They also think you’ll love their products too!

  • Use the code today because the offer expires on October 31, 2012.
  • Be sure to share the offer with others via Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.