One of the things I love so much about Tiny r(E)volution is the wonderful people we are allowed to interact with in the community – both the tiny house and the minimalist. From all walks of life we hear from and talk to folks who want to reduce, folks who have reduced, folks who are relearning what relationships are, and folks who just want to reach out and feel like they have made a solid connection with like-minded folk.

Last week we were fortunate enough to be able to host a contest for a wonderful radiant barrier product called EcoFoil Double Bubble that we have used on our own tiny house and have become true advocates for. It is a strong, reliable, efficient product. The original winner of that product was a Canadian named Mark Lowe. Now we have seen Mark’s name before either as a commenter on this blog or on Facebook. But we never took much more than a glance at his site; at least I had not. And shame on me for it because when I connected with him yesterday and followed the link in his email signature I was delighted to run across Minimalist Living. I immediately clicked on the ‘About’ tab as I normally do and was welcome into the fold quite quickly. The honest from his words spilled off the screen.

My name is Mark Lowe and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my teenage son.

This website is mostly about living a minimalist lifestyle. From time to time there will be other topics such as healthy living, dealing with clutter, how to save more money, happiness, contentment, simple living, frugality, and maybe even minimalist decorating and design ideas.

It’s about clearing the clutter, both physical and mental, so we can focus on what is truly important.

“There are really only two steps to simplifying. Identify what’s most important to you. Eliminate everything else.” – Leo Babauta

I want to live a life that matters. I believe that there is more to life than stuff, spending money and being in debt.

I want to live consciously. This means I want to be present in every moment.

I am not an extreme minimalist, but I certainly have a lot less stuff than most folks and I love my own minimalist lifestyle.

That being said, please realize that I am a work in progress.

I went on to the blog to read posts like The Tiny House Plan We Love, A Minimalist Living Starter Guide, and My Tiny Home Dream. The entire site is clean, easy to read, and full of great thought. The posts are well thought out, well written, and quite palatable. I would encourage you to head over to Minimalist Living now and introduce yourself to Mark. You won’t be sorry.


Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks I will be taking time to share with you some of the blogs and authors I enjoy and read on a regular basis. Many of them are normal folks with normal blogs that have exceptional things to share!