Since the very first version of our tiny house trailer (of which we are now officially on v.6.0) we have played with the notion of making the house grow, so to speak. We knew that to us a home was something that grew with your needs. We were never fond of the American Dream dogma that suggests a family should have plenty of room they can grow into. For some time that just seems like a waste.

So in designing our tiny house trailer we constantly kept in mind that once on our land and “parked” we would want to provide more space for a proper bathroom, a room for our daughter, and even a space for a washer and dryer. We think this design keeps that in mind. In fact, we believed so much in our plan that we have actually hidden in the framework of our trailer a hallway opening that will lead to what we now call Annex #2.

As you look at the graphics you will notice there is no foundation per se. That is only a limit of the software. In fact, the two annexes will be on a concrete foundation (with river rock facade) raising them up to the height of the trailer and providing a small crawl space. You will also notice that our measurements are in 4′ multiples so as to waste as little material as possible. NOTE: 4′ x 8′ sheets that don’t need to be cut are our friends!

The question that most ask at this point is why we don’t just build a larger house to begin with. Why not just build a cabin on a foundation on our land? The answer is simple. We can’t afford to do that. We are building cash-on-the-barrel and to stay with the lexicon of our construction industry, the tiny house trailer is our “starter house.” The Annexes are our additions which will be built as we can pay for them.

In the interest of questions and concerns and general dialogue I am going to leave explanation at that. I do however encourage you to ask any question, raise any concerns, make any commentary (be nice though), and pick our brain for your own design choices.

I do however want to send a tremendous thank you to Kevin Harrington of Cozy Home Plans for his 3D rendering work. You may remember CHP as part of our tiny house recognition week. Kevin is very talented and has a lot to offer the tiny house/small house community!

You can see the 3D renderings on our Google+ page.