I have been asked more than ten times now where we are going to put our trashcan in our tiny house. Don’t you think you’ll need a trashcan? How are you going to recycle in tiny house? What if something rots and you have to throw it out?¬†What is funny is that these questions come from folks who live in larger homes, have multiple trashcans and can’t seem to comprehend that a family strives to be zero waste.

While we don’t throw out any plastic or cardboard or paper, don’t let rotting food items escape their garden soil demise, or blow our nose on a corner of tissue only to dispose of it, we do have a little trash. And so we do, in fact, have a need for a trashcan. What we don’t have though is a lot of room. Yes, our kitchen is twice as large as most other tiny house families have. And yes, we do have ample kitchen cabinetry. But we designed it that way and didn’t once give a lot of thought to this whole trash thing. But this past weekend as we were sitting down and really working out our kitchen design (measurements, materials, and all) it dawned on us that a receptacle was in order!

Enter SpaceSavers!

SpaceSavers came to our attention through EcoFoil. They are sister companies and share many of the same ethics, practices, and (most importantly) ideas on customer service. They offer affordable organizing and storage solutions for the kitchen, bath, garage, office and anywhere space needs to be maximized. And anyone building, preparing to build, living, or preparing to live, in a tiny house knows that organization and space maximization is key. With SpaceSavers you can get organized with storage containers, drawer organizers, shoe rack, pantry organizers, and more that ship fast directly to your door. So to our door they will be delivering a Household Essentials 16-inch Sliding Cabinet Trash Can is basically a white, plastic 5-gallon trashcan with extendable rack glides on ball bearings that mounts to a cabinet base. If I am not mistaken ours will go right next to the sink area and will give us a nice, tidy, invisible place for what trash we do generate.

I think this is going to be a great addition to “the gourmet kitchen” we have talked so much about and I am again thankful to have SpaceSavers join the team! Won’t you take the time to