When we first lived in middle Georgia a couple years back a small company out of Griffin, GA primarily known for Apple computer repair announced that it would soon be launching a magazine. Of course everyone asked, “Another magazine? Does this area need another magazine?” The gang at Liberty Technology followed by saying Kitchen Drawer would not just be “another magazine.” It would, in fact, be marketed as a movement; a centralized and local platform for Citizen Journalists, Historians, and Artists with a focus on “Preserving History; Promoting the Now”.  It would incorporate a website, various publication (including the bi-monthly Kitchen Drawer) and social events. I instantly became a reader. I was even asked to be a contributing photographer for the May/June 2010 issue and I was awarded the cover for my efforts capturing local covered bridges.

Well, after becoming aware of our tiny house project through conversations with me and email threads back and forth, the mag decided it may be time to include us yet again! And so this latest issue (July/August 2012) features an article on Tiny r(E)volution and our lifestyle choices.

Written by Allison Smyly the article is the most accurate and flattering article about our mindset, our choices, our lifestyle, and our build. We were quite pleased. We were even more so pleased when going out for pizza Friday night and “finding” the magazine hot off the presses. It was very cool and we were even approached by two people in the restaurant who recognized from the accompanying pictures and asked about our tiny house.

You can download the article and cover in PDF format by clicking here or the image above. You can also find Kitchen Drawer online both here and on Facebook.