How is it that we can not even be through with our full tiny house and we have already talked about our second? I guess dreamers just don’t stop dreaming?

The second tiny house we have talked about is a 14′ camper house. Inspired by the book I am currently reading – Home on the Road: The Motor Home in America by Roger B. White – we want to build a tiny house that will be used as our camper. One of the reasons we are choosing to live debt free in a tiny house with little overhead is so that we can not only travel but also give our daughter visual opportunity learning about things first-hand around the country. We aren’t sure about design as we know we would want a small sleeping loft (for the Tiniest r(E)volution) and a Murphy Bed type of arrangement for us. You can make a Murphy Bed that involves a Sealy Posturepedic, right? We would not build an indoor kitchen but instead tote an outdoor kitchen arrangement with us complete with a Camp Chef Deluxe Camp Oven with Grill, a deluxe camper’s kitchen, and a Big Berkey.

Showering and restroom use would be courtesy of state parks, campgrounds, friends we “crash” with, etc. but we have looked at some portable options including a portable commode (that would be “built in” to something).

Other features would be a small fridge, a couple of chairs, and a wall-mounted TV or monitor should we have rainy days or long nights. Our heating and cooling would come courtesy of the ClimateRight CR-2550.

There are so many things we haven’t talked about regarding a tiny house camper including power needs (on grid or off?), construction of, etc. We do think, however, that we would use a sort of awning room/sunroom kit that would expand our living space and allow us to build a traditional RV awning onto our tiny house. Could be VERY cool!

But all of that is down the road a piece and for now we have to focus on the tasks that most immediately lay ahead of us. This week we will be finishing up the drip pan, the bottom trim, and the wheel well trim. After that we will add the storage box to the front of the trailer (a HUGE surprise from my daddy. Yeah, he build us one to store the jack handles, an extra propane tank, a small toolbox, etc), and begin the arduous task of filling nail holes and caulking all the trim and paneling. It is a lot to do but it is what we need to do while we save money to truly begin interior work!

So what are you dreaming about these days? Is it your own tiny house? If so, what cool things will make your home stand out? Are you in the middle of a building project that we should hear about? If so, tell us!

And remember, there are more How-To videos to come and they will show up very soon! We are working on Episode 3 of our podcast as well which you can tune in to this Thursday at 2:30pm EST.