Kevin of Cozy Home Plans

Our team at Cozy Home Plans has one main goal: to combine decades of experience to make each new Cozy Home the best and well thought out home possible. From concept to design to construction, they constantly strive to fill a niche in the various plans and designs that have become part of the Tiny House Movement. Cozy Home Plans consists of small but completely functional stock plansCozy Steel Kits and custom home plans.

Just a few years ago, Kevin downsized from a 2,700 square foot home getting rid of about 90% of his possessions to move into a 280 sq. ft. 5th wheel trailer. At the time he was researching alternative building techniques and, as many, stumbled onto the tiny house movement. He decided to start a website and blog to showcase his small home plan ideas.

“This tiny lifestyle I was living gave me back serenity,” Kevin said. “This was something that had been sorely missing in my life for a very long time. I just wanted to share my experiences.”

His goal with Cozy Home Plans is to add a few more feet onto tiny homes to make them more livable.

“Can a person live in 100 square feet? Absolutely, but can they share it with guests or a partner full-time? How about a larger kitchen, washer/dryer capabilities and storage for extra stuff in such a small space? Answering “Yes” to these questions became more difficult in such a tiny space,” Kevin said. “My solution was to add a few more feet to each house.”

And he has been incredibly successful even being called in to consult on a 3D design for us here at Tiny r(E)volution!

In addition to his collection of house plans Kevin also runs a blog on the website which features articles on home construction and DIY tips. He has posted about creative solutions for a tiny bathroom, the difference between an RV and a tiny house,  and even the top 5 tools for building cozy.

The key to both Kevin’s success as well as his designs are his “6 Must Haves” for living in a tiny house. These guidelines are the very foundation of each of his designs.

To find out more about Kevin and his Cozy Home Cabins as well as see some of his designs take a minute to find him online.

To further show his love and appreciation for the tiny house community Kevin has generously agreed to offer for today’s give-away a FREE consultation wherein the winner can share their tiny house plans/ideas/dreams with Kevin and receive a FREE 3D mockup in their email box. The results will look quite similar to our own which you can see here. Only one winner will be chosen but you can enter as many as 4 times by doing each of the following:

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The winner will be chosen at 9pm EST tonight (via so hurry up and start socializing our digital thank you’s.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Chelle Samaniego (@BC_Chelle) who is our prize winner today. Chelle will be working with Kevin to perhaps come up with some tiny house plans of her own! Chelle, please email us or PM us on Facebook and we’ll be happy to hook you up with Kevin. Thank you so much for your continued support. Oh, and if you didn’t win this week we’ll be back Monday for five more tiny house community recognitions and five more prizes! See you then…and have a GREAT weekend!