Photo courtesy of Kevin Hoth

Christopher and Merete first encountered the tiny house movement in 2007, when they saw a photo of Dee Williams’ 84-square foot home in Olympia, Washington on the cover of Yes! Magazine. But it wasn’t until 6 years later, when Christopher impulsively bought a plot of land in the Colorado mountains and decided to build a tiny cabin of his own, that they began to dive into principles of creative design and simple living that characterize living small and the tiny house movement.

Storytellers by trade, they decided to document their own building process and the lives of other families who live in less than 200-square feet, in a short documentary called, “TINY: A Story About Living Small.” The film has been in production for the past year and is scheduled to be released in late spring of 2012.

To find out more about Christopher and Merete and to view the trailer of their film visit any of the BIO links below:

Not only are Christopher and Merete wonderful friends and supporters of the r(E)volution, they are also quite generous. To say thank you and to show their appreciation to the Tiny House Community they are giving away a signed copy of their upcoming film on DVD. That means one of you is going to get a FREE copy of TINY: A Story About Living Small directly to your doorstep upon release! Only one winner will be chosen but you can enter as many as 4 times by doing each of the following:

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The winner will be chosen at 9pm EST tonight (via so hurry up and start socializing our digital thank you’s.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Heather Greeson, our winner today. Heather will receive a FREE, signed copy of TINY: the movie upon its release.

If you didn’t win today, there are more prizes tomorrow (and ‘morrow and ‘morrow and ‘morrow…..) See you in the morning!