Just what does make a community? Is it a group of people with common interests or experience?

Perhaps, yes. But let’s face it. The commitment level of individuals within the group will range from highly engaged to slightly interested. The group membership will be fluid as folks ebb and flow.

So it’s a group of people with just a little in common?

Well, if you are like me, you are not just interested in tiny houses but also in homesteading, in technology, and in food sourcing. So perhaps this is not the main community for some. Perhaps it isn’t even the one with which they feel the strongest connection. People’s interests change over time, as circumstances change. But there always has to be a few that remain committed – né, passionate – day in and day out. They have to see past the slow days and the challenges and continue to find the drive and the excitement.

Does it depend on a few people making a lot of noise?

No. It doesn’t. But it does strengthen the community when there are outspoken and adventurous advocates. These are people who walk the walk and talk the talk. They are folks that live, eat, breathe the topic. They help others come closer to the dream of the community. They are movers and shakers. They are also listeners and supporters. They can lead a tribe or they can march alongside.

And based on the standards above I think it is fair to say we have a dynamic, strong, encouraging, forthright, and respectable, tiny house community. And so from today until the end of next week (May 24 – June 1) Tiny r(E)volution will be acknowledging those who lead the charge (or at least make a lot of noise!) Each day will focus on another specific person or team or group or website that showcases the best of the tiny house community. While not all will be recognized it is not because they are less significant than any other. In fact, if I could I would focus on a new entity each week; highlighting all they stand for, all they do, and all they have accomplished. No, this list comes from those that I follow most closely, share late night chats with, and just generally want to expose you to!

As an added bonus each day will have a give-away sponsored by the “appreciated” for the post. That means by the end of THAW (which coincidentally will be our Twitter hashtag for the week – #THAW) we will have given away at least 6 very special prizes. So please, come back each day. Find us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Check us out on Google+. Just show up and show some love for some very special members of our tiny house community!