This is going to be quite short. I am literally exhausted. My eyes are not opening completely. My fingers feel a bit numb and my lips are chapped like I can’t remember when. But other than that? Today was an amazing day.

The morning started at about 6:10am as I woke up, had my coffee, spent a few minutes with my dad, and then headed to the porch to grab my overalls and get moving.

By 8:45am I had the first stud tied in to both the top plate and the bottom plate. I could tell it was going to be a productive and satisfying day.

Without the step by step (I have chosen to spare y’all) I can safely say that our tiny house is framed. All 4 walls are built, in place, and secure. Window frames and door frame are cutout. It is an entirely different looking rig this evening.

I am giving more of a blow-by-blow throughout the day on our Facebook page if you are interested. Otherwise, please feel free to enjoy a few pictures gathered from today. You can see them on Flickr here.