One of the things I am often talking about in regards to the tiny house community is….well, community. Through such wonderful sites such as minimotives, Tiny Tack House, The Tiny House, rowdykittens, Clothesline Tiny Homes, TINY, relaxshacks, and a host of others, I have made friends, cohorts, confidants, and supporters. This doesn’t even count the collective sites and their authors including Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Talk, and Tiny House Swoon. But I am always up for meeting more. So imagine my excitement when I was able to reconnect with Kevin of Cozy Home Plans.

Kevin is a creator. He is a sketch artist, draftsman, and builder. Specializing in cozy homes (all seemingly less than 800 square feet), Kevin first responded to an email from me and then offered to sketch up some 3D renderings of our own tiny house. Of course I said yes! But before I reveal those I want to talk a little more about Cozy Home Plans and why I have found inspiration and ideas from both the plans and the blog.

CHP specializes in the design of compact, yet comfortable home plans ranging in size from 288 sq ft-781 sq ft. The emphasis is on comfortable. I point to the Mount Kiska. A simple home that would fit into any neighborhood but is only 505 total square feet, the Kiska is cool having a private bedroom but an open floorplan for the den/living room, kitchen, and dining room. Perhaps the best part of the house though is the three sets of french doors that open up to backyard access.

And while the blog of CHP is not entirely geared towards tiny house trailers it is geared toward smaller carbon footprint homes and sustainable creations. In fact, it talks a great deal about alternative houses (earth bags, tiny house trailers, earth clay, etc) and features articles on things such as tiny houses with porches, choosing a water heater, and ADA guidelines for tiny homes. So many of us write on our own experiences and our own trials and tribulations but there is always room for a reliable site that talks about materials, build suggestions, and practical ideas for the DIYer.

If you are looking for some fun small home plans and even a bit of consultation I encourage you to check out Kevin and his team over at Cozy Home Plans. In the meantime though, I present to the amazing sketches Kevin sent our way. I present the Tiny r(E)volution. (some design elements are subject to change and sketches are only a representation of our full design.)

Tiny r(E)volution exterior

Exterior view of the Tiny r(E)volution tiny house


Interior view of Tiny r(E)volution tiny house

Interior view. Note the rear "master suite" with loft storage above. Bedroom ceiling features exposed beams. Main living space is full vaulted ceiling.


Kitchen of Tiny r(E)volution tiny house

Kitchen of Tiny r(E)volution tiny house. The fridge is an apartment size fridge with over/under freezer/fridge. The sink is a corner unit with deep basins. We are opting out of an oven for a commercial toaster oven (not shown in this view).