Did you know that more than 25 percent of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries? And when you consider that each hand injury can cost as much as $16,4321 it’s easy to see why adequate protection is so important.

Think about it doctors wear gloves to prevent against infection and contamination. Blacksmiths wear gloves to protect their skin against hot iron. Firefighters wear gloves to grip hoses and prevent from hose burn. Chefs wear gloves to protect against cuts and contamination. Even the King of Pop wore a glove to prote…..well, I guess that was just for style. The point is, gloves are an important part of so many daily activity. Construction work is no different!

That is why Crystal and I approached Mechanix Wear and their sister company Ethel Gloves about a product sponsorship. No one hates a splinter worse than I do and since our hands spend a lot of time handling the gentility of our 6-month old daughter, we didn’t want our digits to turn into coarse sandblocks. Both Mechanix and Ethel understood and came to our rescue sponsoring each of us with a couple pair of outstanding gloves.

I was given two pair of the Mechanix Utility Gloves while Crystal was gifted a pair of the Leather Gloves and a pair of the Signature Gloves; both by Ethel.

We were able to put those into use for the first time this weekend and they were wonderful. No splinters. No rough skin. No burns. No cuts. Such protection is often taken for granted but for us we can honestly say our opinions have changed greatly!

Do you want to find a pair for yourself? If you look to the right of the page at the ads you will see one for Mechanix and one for Ethel Gloves. Click on them and find yourself peace of mind disguised as a pair of gloves!



1 National Safety Council. For cut/puncture/scrape as the cause of injury the cost is $11,454. Counting laceration/puncture/rupture as the nature of the injury means that the cost is $16,432. This includes medical and indemnity costs only.