This past summer mornings began almost the same each day. We woke up, each stumbling to the bathroom trying to beat the other. Afterwards we hastily got dressed to head out on our walk before the sun began its daily ritual of baking human beings. We returned home to feed and water the animals followed by a quick run through the gardens with both hose and watering can. One particular morning we were both pretty hungry already by just 8:45am. And if I learned anything this summer it is when a pregnant woman says she is hungry you have two options

  1. Find food.
  2. Run for your life!

I chose the former and came inside to reheat some biscuit and gravy frozen from my folks’ last visit. With the stove at 400° and one burner simmering the gravy I noticed that our bungalow was getting quite warm. Even with the AC thermostat at 72 and a small fan circulating warm air away from the kitchenette area, the overall room temp was getting thick. I got to thinking is this what we’re gonna have to deal with each meal in the tiny house? This is miserable. But then I started thinking of ways we might keep our temp rather cool even without installing another AC unit or even cranking down our thermostat.

  1. Keep the blinds, shades, or window treatments pulled down. The solar heat from direct sun can often raise room temperature by 7° or better.
  2. If you like to take a warm shower, make sure to install a vent that will pull out the warm, moist air and circulate in fresh.
  3. Use the oven and stove only when you have to. The longer you preheat the more heat escapes into your home. Burners left on high “just because” also add ambiant heat.
  4. Change your bed linens out to thin, soft, cotton ones. Pack away the down comforter and the flannel sheets.
  5. Go barefoot. There is no need for slippers most of the time. Try flip flops instead. Your feet will breathe better and you will still keep your feet protected.
  6. Take a cool shower in the morning. Yes, warm water feels good; even relaxing. But before you leave the tub or shower stall try running cool water for a few minutes. The coolness will lower your overall body temp.
  7. Use small, rotating, fans or even window fans to circulate the cool air and to keep the warm air moving.
  8. Insulate. Insulate. Insulate. Most folks think good insulation is for the cold months. It keeps the heat in. Well, in summer it does the same thing but with cool air. Don’t pay good money to keep the outdoors 70°.
  9. Clean your AC filter regularly.
  10. Start your day with a glass of cool water. Yes, coffee is my morning drink as well. But try a glass or two of water instead.  You will feel better, you will be more healthy, and you will lower your body temp.

What tips do you have to keep the house cool and comfortable? Do you stop cooking altogether or do you find ways to maximize the air temp as it is?