Today I am sharing my heart with each of you who reads this.

I have been delivered to a place of humility and personal check. For some weeks now I have struggled with my passion and love for blogging, online community, authenticity, etc. And this morning it came to my attention that I simply am not happy any longer. Because of my dissatisfaction my writing has suffered, my time with my family has been jeopardized, and my honest love for our home has fallen victim to a concept of a Tiny r(E)volution.

How can I give tips and tricks about something when I am loathing the fact of even typing? My home is my home and I have allowed my computer to become my mistress, slowly pulling me away from the things that matter most to my heart.

God is forgiving though and I feel that He is giving Crystal and I a time of renewal in our dream of a tiny house and a small farm. He has told me to get up and brush myself off and keep moving forward in the way He has provided.

So with that, goodbye. It may not be forever. It may be. But I can guarantee that what I will share will be authentic and will be 100% me without any ambition towards self-importance.

Thank you for your readership, your friendship, and your support.