There is no secret. I love a good giveaway and because I do I love to host them here on Tiny r(E)volution. It is a great way for us all to hear about new products and for to find out about small companies that are trying to change our gardens making them and our lives chemical-free and more healthy. Such a company is Authentic Haven Brand. And today I am pleased to announce a contest sponsored by AHB and Tiny r(E)volution in which you can win one of three (3) prizes:

Manure Tea?

Many organic gardeners will quickly tell you compost tea is the best all-around liquid fertilizer you can use on your plants. Compost tea is generally made by collecting finished compost and placing it in a bucket filled with water. The compost and water is allowed to brew for several days in the sun. The liquid is then strained and used to water vegetables, flowers, or lawns.

So, you are probably wondering then….. what is manure tea though?

What Is Manure Tea?

manure tea

Manure tea is very similar to compost tea, in fact, it is compost tea but uses composted livestock manure.

The manure is collected and composted in the sun over the course of several months.

The livestock are raised in pastures that contain native grasses, where the cattle are allowed to graze just as nature intended.

Manure teas are used as a soil conditioner in vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns and compost piles. Watering plants with manure tea conditions the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients. It also provides valuable nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms that supports growing strong and healthy plants.

Manure tea can also be added directly to compost piles to accelerate decomposition.

The whole process of brewing manure tea was once a pretty messy (and foul) task which consisted of collecting the manure, composting the manure, mixing it in containers, then straining the liquid to get the valuable tea. As you would imagine, a number of people are turned away by the idea of storing and handling manures in order to get the precious tea.

This is where Authentic Haven Brand simplified brewing and using manure teas. The composted manure is packaged in an all-natural cotton tea bag that makes brewing the manure tea a breeze! You never have to worry about storing or handling manure because it’s all contained in a convenient tea bag ready for use.

So, you ready to win this awesome prize?

How To Win Some Moo Poo?

If you want to win one of the three prizes listed above you have three very easy ways to win.

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Contest runs from today until midnight, August 21. Winners will be chosen using and announced Monday morning, August 22.