Part of building a tiny house for us is first living in a tiny…well, house. Granted we call it the bungalow and it isn’t on wheels it is still right around 240 sq. ft. and features a bedroom, a small closet, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. And yes, they are all in two rooms more or less. So while we have been living in the bungalow we have come across some situations unique to those who live in small places and will more often than not, be taken for granted in a tiny house setting.

The all-in-one sink. At least twice a week I get to brushing my teeth and enjoying the sensation of a good mouth cleaning when just as I prepare to spit I realize the sink has a dish drainer filled with clean dishes. You certainly can’t spit in that. No, you have to continue some sort of gurgling and slurping whilst you quickly throw the dishes to the side of the counter. And even then you have to either remove the drainer and place it somewhere (remember, we aren’t working with all that much counter space to begin with) or try and spit right between the grates. You can imagine how that ends. If you will notice most tiny houses have but one sink. It is a sort of utilitarian number shoved somewhere in the back of the home with an overall size of a bar backs glass sanitizer. Solution? Brush your teeth outside when possible or remember to check the sink first. Oh, and it helps keep your marriage strong if you rinse the sink after every use!

Late night snacks. It doesn’t take sound long to travel in 200 sq. ft. and the sound of a cookie bag seems only to amplify in such conditions. Gone are those morning of denying the obvious cookie crumbs in the kitchen floor when living in a tiny house. If you are married as I am late night snacks are either foiled when your spouse calls out, “Honey? What are you doing?” or she wakes up the next morning, steps on crumbs, and spies the milky glass in the sink.

Bathroom exhaust. Pardon my crassness on this one but it is well worth consideration. When living in a tiny house because of the placement of the bathroom directly under the sleeping loft there is little room for a somewhat fancy (yet, more common than not) bathroom exhaust. This brings about two problems quite frankly. Exhaust fans are typically sound blockers. They deter anyone from outside the bathroom from hearing anything that may be happening inside. And while if you are married or living with a partner/friend the relationship is typically stronger than the sounds from within the absolute silence from an exhaustless bathroom can bring about incredible anxiety and awkward moments. The second issue is that oftentimes a trip to the restroom will bring about a particular odor. Without an exhaust fan to help with this the smell either runs amuck in the rest of your palace or the smell from the cheap air freshener used as a cover up chokes anyone and everyone within….well, 200 sq. ft!

Fruit flies. They are awkward flyers, yes. They are small creatures, yes. They are harmless, yes. They are annoying as all get out. YES! When you bring in fruit flies (and with us they came via bananas left uneaten) they not only spoil the day but also the week. They won’t seem to fly away. And if that isn’t enough, when living in a tiny house where space is minimal oftentimes the flight path of the kitchen is also the flight path of the bedroom, living room, and office/study. So when you get fruit flies in the kitchen of a tiny house you just plain get fruit flies in your house. Do yourself a favor and put all fruits and veggies in the fridge or an air tight, sealable container.

Fish fries. We are from the south. Fried flounder filets are in our genetic make-up. But when you move into a tiny house you need to say goodbye to almost all fish products. You probably take for granted in your current home the exhaust over the stove, the availability of room for things to air out, the separate kitchen trashcan, etc. In a tiny house when you cook fish the whole house cooks fish. It is pleasant and it is one experience I can tell you is not worth the “memories” it will make.

What things do you think you would take for granted if moving into a tiny house? Are there things you take for granted now even in a larger home? As always, if you enjoyed this post you can extend a favor by Tweeting out the link or sharing it on Facebook. Either is greatly appreciated and no, we don’t take you for granted. Fish fries? Different story!