Everyday of every hour, people around the globe are enjoying meals, snacks, and deserts either purchased or fully prepared by themselves or jointly with friends and family. Families sit down to eat together at tables albeit a Sunday gathering or just immediate family members. These times are sacred to some including ourselves.

Our Scissors & Drumsticks family is of five, and dinnertime is one of my most anticipated times of the day. We use this time to chat with the kids about school and friend happenings, joke with each other, give and receive a bit of guidance. We also get to teach our kids how to cook in the kitchen and outside on my beloved wood box. Preparing food is also another time of gathering. The kitchen floor becomes the stage for an unplanned dance where we mingle past each other and grab pots, pans, and dishes for one another. The radio on top of the fridge is low, but loud enough to understand what song is on and to provide the rhythm for the the unspoken dance.

It has been proven that when we as humans eat together there is a sense of being and calming that we all understand. No matter the many lifestyles, beliefs, or ideals we all fall into, the meal is and always will be common ground. You can take people from different ethnicity’s, creed, color, religion, and nationality, place them in a kitchen and a room with food and you have everyone playing on the same field. Communication, no matter the tongue, comes easy.

It is this sense of being that I don’t come across as often as some. You see, I am a shift worker where I work an 8 week rotating schedule mixed with day, evening, weekday, and weekend hours. We have kids involved in school extra curriculars, sports, and just plain old kid stuff. When at work, I usually eat alone. Keep in mind there are other employees around, but we’re usually penned up at our desks doing our jobs, eating, or browsing the ‘net. My wife, Scissors, operates a hair salon out of our home. And, sometimes she books clients when I am home during the evening hours so I can run the household while she is working. All other times while I am gone she has to grin and bear it, so to speak. This is tough on not only myself, but my wife and kids.

When at home, and there’s nothing on the schedule during dinnertime, I make sure we have as many family dinners and other meals as possible. I would love to have a job where I can start my day with breakfast with my family, then come home for dinner. This would be great as we can start and end our days together…..everyday.

What kind of meal plans do you have for your family? Do you have a “fly by the seat of your pants” kitchen? Is time harder to come by these days? Has corporate America jumped into the most crucial hours of your life?

Please start or join the conversation by writing a comment below. I really want to know how your time stricken (or not) family does it.

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