I was talking to a friend the other day and the conversation turned to progress on Tiny House. As I pointed out to him, it is difficult to really point to all the progress that takes place daily. Some days it seems as if things are really moving along while other days it seems as if time is standing still and my hands are paralyzed from working. The pace this time around has just been quite different. My ‘day job’ is becoming more and more demanding. My writing and freelance gigs are really picking up steam and more and more opportunities seem to be presenting themselves. Crystal, being pregnant, can only help about 1/3 of how she used to. My brother-in-law (who truly has been a trooper about being asked to do so much) also has a ‘day job’ and keeps quite busy. And the weather is different each day sometimes providing a perfect working environment and other times causing me to take a break and refocus onto another task. Thankfully these past two weeks have been two of the more productive. In fact, they turned out to be rather exciting. 

Just about a month ago my brother-in-law phone me with some news he was pretty siked about. We had had a discussion just days before about repurposed wood and reclaimed building materials. I told him how much I loved old hardwood and how rare it was to come across a good lot of it. So with this news he explained to me that a family friend had an old barn he wanted removed. My bro had worked it out so that we could keep all the wood and even corrugated metal (on the roof primarily) if we dismantled the barn. While it seemed like a huge project the 1800 sq. ft. or so of 65-year old yellow pine planks that awaited us were more than adequate motivation. All day Friday and all day Saturday were spent removing board by board. Having a hard time imagining that? Check out the pictures. It was a physically exhausting project that seemed to drag on hour after hour but one that I am proud to say I was part of and proud to announce,


That’s right. After weighing the options of bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, etc, we have decided to go with stunning (after planing, of course) yellow pine planks. They will be fashioned from 2″, 4″ and 6″ wide planks to look truly “old” and provide a much wanted warm feeling in our house. Talk about a reclaimed WIN! Charlie Sheen can have his tiger blood. We have WWII era yellow pine flooring!

And if that weren’t enough we also experienced the following:

  • Onions have reached 4″ in height and have grown into beautiful rows
  • Our construction fund surpassed the 50% in savings amount
  • We celebrated Week 13 of the Tiniest r(E)volution
  • I was asked to be a guest on a nationally recognized radio program
  • I picked the mic up again and spoke at a garden club meeting here in my community
  • We tilled up 3 decorative flower beds for some edible flowers and indigenous plantings