I have been struggling lately determining what Tiny r(E)volution is about. I tend to write a lot of minimalist ideologies and philosophies. I write about simple living and downsizing. I am drawn to How-To posts for those also seeking to live in a tiny house. I let my mind wander into gardening and homesteading topics as I used to on anotherkindofdrew. I even asked my Facebook friends what I should in regards to keeping on topic. The words I got back were inspiring and conclusive.

Tiny r(E)volution is not about any one thing but rather about all things. It is about one man, his wife, and their yet-to-be-born child, and their journey into reshaping a life once spent in the pits of over-indulgence, government reliance, over-processed, consumptive, stagnation.

So from today forward, Tiny r(E)volution is about our life; philosophies, understandings, spiritual awakening, gardens, food consumption, and all. We do hope you continue to visit and enjoy!