The following blog post was originally posted on The Smashed Planet. Run by Jen Fromal, it has become one of my favorite blogs to read and I was incredibly honored to be asked to guest post.

Confession time. I am a killer. I am guilty of murder.

Okay, so I didn’t kill a human being or a pet or even a bug. I am guilty of killing my own dreams. In fact, you probably are too. We all are and as soon as we realize that we are capable such is also the key to a life well worth living. With this realization and acceptance you are now free to recognize your dreams! Politician Tom Bradley once said, “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.” Dreams are opportunity and when we allow ourselves to seize such opportunity we are that much closer to living life!

One of the largest aspects to what has been dubbed “the minimalist life” is that we are all free to do what we want, work where we want, and be free of the corporate structure. What I have gotten out of my exploration into “minimalism” is that time is of the essence. Time is fleeting. Life is indeed short. As we get older we get tired quicker. The days seem to be shorter as we relax more, nap more, and even sleep more. We wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed, repeat (ad nauseum, of course). And every moment that we don’t seize our opportunities is a moment lost to eternity. There will never be a perfect time to get up out of the chair, turn off the TV, and started chasing those dreams. We must stop the insanity. We have to understand that murder is a criminal act and unless we want to hang in the public square (not literally, of course) we need to stop killing our own dreams! But how?

  • Take Notes. When you start a sentence with “I know this probably won’t work….” or “This is going to sound ridiculous but….” you should write those things down. Allow yourself to dream. Censor nothing. Be fanciful. Be whimsical. Defy practicality. If you want to learn to brew your own beer, do it! If you want to plant corn in your backyard, try it! It all begins with a note though. You have to outline what you want to do and what you intend to do and then do it!
  • Act Now. We’ve all seen the informercials that encourage us to act now. If we do we get a discount or we get something free. The point is that we act now. And that is how it is with dreaming. ACT NOW! Take your notes and highlight 2-3 things you can do almost immediately and do them. Cross them off the list. Act now!
  • Dream Big. This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do as humans are conditioned to think rationally and within the scope of possibility. This is not an exercise in rational, dreaming, I mean. The quickest way to free yourself is to dream big. Maybe you want to write a book or see a foreign country. Do it! Dream it! Allow yourself to get lost in the notion that you can do it and you’re gonna do it!

I know it sounds overwhelming. I know that dreaming and enacting is easier said than done. But we each owe it to ourselves to believe and achieve and succeed. Where does the fear lie? Is it a fear of being laughed at? Is it a fear of failure? Is it a fear of the unknown? If so, is it a larger feeling than the feeling of missed opportunity? Stop waiting. There is no right timing. There is no better time than now to enter a rehab program or start your probation. You don’t have to be a murderer forever. Absolution can be yours…if you dream it so!