Going “tiny” is not a revolution for me.

It is however, a navigational beacon as to where I would like to be in my current lifestyle. My name is Kevin Gilkes, and together with my wife, run the Scissors & Drumsticks blog which launched summer 2010. Over there, I write and vlog about all sorts of subjects from gardening, cooking, and food preservation to saving money in the working household and maintaining our so-called “real estate investment”; a suburban home in Virginia Beach, VA.

Here at Tiny r(E)volution, I can share my focus of scaling back and minimizing with you without being seen as hypocritical or even receiving strange looks for wanting to scale back. Let’s face it. I live in a sub-division, work in a corporate setting, pull shift hours, raise three children along with my supportive wife, and pay an astronomical amount of bills and debt. I am the “American Dream.” In a time of layoffs and unsecured credit we are getting along fine. Why slow down now? Maybe because as a family we have realized that the current pace will only encourage us to further become a product of ourselves and American greed by wanting more and more only to realize it is never enough.

Until recently, we were taught that money is the key to a successful life. Sure, everyone needs money to pay for things, but one doesn’t need it to live. One needs money for only one thing – buying stuff. It’s the kind of stuff we are willing to buy with our money or even feel obligated to buy which separates us from the rest. I have come to the realization that my family can operate a bit smoother if it weren’t for all the stuff.

My main goal for writing for the r(E)volution is to educate more people about minimalism on a family-sized scale. I am talking about minimalists in the realm of folks like me who can’t just exist in 200 sq. ft. and who have children and even pets to consider. I am writing for to help discover a working man’s minimalism.

Some of you may be natural minimalists and never have had the burden of trying out a new focus such as this. Some of you may be converts and can really relate to my story. Don’t get me wrong, the Gilkes’ are not drowning in a sea of stuff and debt and we certainly are not hoarders by any means. We have a nicely decorated, well-cared-for home and we can even pay all our bills. We just feel like there is more and we want to find it. We just want to do life a little bit differently.