I joined Courtney Carver‘s Project 333 back on October 10, 2010 reflecting back on my love affair with fashion, my abuse of conspicuous consumption, my time spent in Paris and photographing multiple runway shows, and my fairly recent decision to minimize my life and its elements.

It was a great time of self-realization, self-actualization, and self-discipline. I also met some wonderful friends, began a Flickr group designed to gain inspiration from others, and shared my mini-mission with at least 15 other people (and ultimately recruiting 3 to the project.)

So now I am back for phase 2! With a bit of knowledge under my belt, a feeling of fashion freedom, and a comfort with the rules and how to apply them to my personal life and situations, I am prepare to unveil my list! So, without further ado….

  1. Jeans – made the cut (Levis 569)
  2. Jeans – made the cut (Levis 569)
  3. Grey plainfront khakis – made the cut
  4. Khaki plainfront khakis – made the cut
  5. Liberty Overalls (old) – made the cut
  6. Liberty Overalls (newer) – made the cut
  7. Black Short Sleeve tee – made the cut
  8. Black Short Sleeve tee – made the cut
  9. Red Short Sleeve tee – made the cut
  10. “Grow Your Own Food” tee – made the cut
  11. Farmall Short Sleeve tee – made the cut
  12. Brown Short Sleeve tee
  13. Blue Button Up dress shirt – made the cut
  14. Denim Button Up casual long sleeve – made the cut
  15. Black Button Up dress shirt
  16. White Undershirt – made the cut
  17. White Undershirt – made the cut
  18. Black/White pashmina scarf
  19. Carhartt fleece beanie
  20. Farmers’ Almanac baseball cap
  21. Black belt – made the cut
  22. Carhartt work jacket – made the cut
  23. ‘Ol Brown Boots – will ALWAYS make the cut
  24. Black Sketcher casual/dress – made the cut
  25. Croc Gardeners
  26. Black Long Sleeve Fleece jacket – made the cut
  27. Brown wallet – made the cut
  28. Black sunglasses – made the cut
  29. Olive/Purple necktie
  30. Navy blue slippers – made the cut
  31. Grey “dress” coat
  32. TBD
  33. TBD


  1. Camo cargo shorts
  2. Brown belt (identical to black)
  3. Full brim Planters Hat

What I have realized since making my list, purging a few things, donating a few others, and even acquiring a piece or two, is that Project 333 is not meant to make you live like a pauper. It is meant to make you regain control over yourself, your wardrobe, your identity, and your consumptive nature. It is actually more freeing than confining; more liberating than imprisoning. During phase 2 I am not going to beat myself up if I have to go through my “put away” box to pull out a pair of dress slacks to wear for work. Yes, I will do it as a last resort but I will also do it with the mindset that maybe those trousers aren’t as useful or as utilitarian as I thought they were.


There are those occasional pieces that your wife or girlfriend or partner may buy you that you simply can’t get rid of. In your heart, you can’t find a practical reason to have them. You may not even wear them that much. But these are the pieces or rather (speaking for me now) this is the piece your wife still says you look most handsome in and reminds you how glad she is that she made you buy it. For me, that is my grey pea coat made by Structure. For a while I had considered trading it to another p333’er but I have since decided that even if it took up all the room in my closet, I would keep it. Yes, it is worth all that for the smile it brings to my wife’s face.