Project 333 - Day 39

Today I felt completely uninspired to get out of bed, much less get dressed. And even with just 33 items of clothing I felt like it was a chore to sort through what I should wear today. The temperature outside is currently an alarming 39ºF. Not exactly a tropical ‘good morning.’ So I chose to take a quick shower and put on my PJ pants (which I have yet to actually wear to bed), a comfy fruit ‘o the loom, and my slippers. Talk about comfortable.

Now that we have moved in to The Bungalow full time we are facing the domestic tasks that must be done. We MUST get groceries in the fridge. We MUST do some laundry. We MUST get a task light. Part of why I wore PJs today is because we are at the end of our clean laundry (despite wearing most things 2 days before washing) and when participating in something like Project 333 you have to plan ahead to some degree. In terms of garment maintenance Project 333 has made life easier on laundry (only 2 full loads total), eliminated ironing (I haven’t had to wear my khakis yet) and forced me to keep my boots free of mud and other gunk that prematurely ages them.

I also had my first non-Project 333 person ask me about the project and why I was even trying to do such a silly thing. And like any hill, once the stone got rolling it seemed to only get faster. I then had other people bring it up in conversation and by last night I found myself talking to a few teenagers about want -vs- need and the marketing magic often used against consumers. It really was cool to talk to folks about something they may not agree with but are interested in knowing about.

I would call my time with Project 333 a handsome success and I am not stoked for Round 2 beginning January 1.

If you want to know more about Project 333 you can visit the Facebook page or follow Twitter hashtag #project333. You can also take a look at what I have dubbed my “Redneck Look Book” wherein I document my clothing selections each day by cruising over to my Flickr page.

And before I forget, I will be out of sight for a few days longer than my weekly digital sabbatical. Crystal and I are going to Virginia for Thanksgiving and so I will probably not have much time on the computer. What about you? Are you going to be online as usual or are you going to take an extended break to enjoy the holiday?