The chalk board doorAbsolutely nothing was done to the trailer or to Tiny House for that matter this past week or two. Once Crystal finished sandblasting the trailer and I primed it, we straightened “her” up the in the back yard of my folks’ house, lowered the scissors jacks in the front corners, and called it quites for a while. So where does that leave us?

Financially it leaves us in the place of savings. We figure on $10,000 to build Tiny House the way want her. Granted we may have….nevermind, we understand we will have to adjust this number, but it is what we are shooting for in the next few months. Between my day job, a few gigs in the works, some writing odds and ends, and other various factors, we are hoping to resume building full time by about June 1. But what will we do until then?

Part of what I think many tiny home enthusiasts forget is that before you can call your tiny house a home you need somewhere for it to go. Even those who are in 100 sq. ft. or less had to find a semi-permanent location. From what I can tell people have settled in backyards of friends, side lots of family members, land they already own, etc. We didn’t have the option of any of that. However, we were kindly given full and indefinite use of Crystal’s brother’s lot in Pink Hill, NC. It is a square acre and will fit our homesteading needs quite well. The issue is that it is 95% wooded. We have to clear out everything we need which at this point means a nice little garden path between her bro. and sis’ house as well as a place to pour a concrete pad for Tiny House to park, and then some areas for things like the gardens, chicken coop, goat barn, etc. We have quite a task ahead of us. In order to work on it though we have moved to Pink Hill, NC and are living in what we have all affectionally dubbed “The Bungalow.”

The Bungalow is little more than the add-on room to Crystal’s brother’s woodshop. It is probably 11 x 15 square with a door and a small front window. In the past few weeks we have added a small lavoratory, a kitchenette, a small closet, etc. It is quite homey actually and has actually turned out to be more space than we had first envisioned. I think it is going to fit us well. You can see that whole photo album by visiting our Flickr page. Last night was first night in it and thanks to an upcycled wall-mounted propane heater, a beautiful new SleepNumber bed, and a long day of manual labor, we had a wonderful rest!

But for those of you who are still confused as to what our timeline looks like:

  • Thanksgiving break away from NC
  • Month of Dec. back in NC
  • Christmas through Feb. 1 in GA
  • Feb, March, April, May, June in NC
  • July, August, and possible some of September in GA (external build of Tiny House)
  • September… nauseum in NC at the new ‘Pan Gardens’ in Pink Hill, NC