Project333-day 32As many of you know I began Project 333 just over a month ago. Inspired by Courtney over at bemorewithless, the object was/is to limit myself to 33 items of clothing (and accessories) and wear only them for 3 months. While I started just over a week late, I did start and I have enjoyed every step of the way.

In the spirit of confession I admit it wasn’t hard to pare down to 33 items as I only had 34 to begin with. I decided I didn’t need two of them so I placed them in a box at first thinking I would just put them away. After a day I realized someone else would wear them more so I donated them. So in essence I began my journey with only 31 items including (but this is not the whole list):

  • 1 pair of rancher boots
  • 1 pair of old (but still beloved) flip flops
  • 2 coats
  • 2 pair of blue jeans
  • 1 pair of farm overalls
  • 3 pair of wrinkle-free khakis
  • 4 button-up, “dress” shirts
  • 1 necktie
  • 3 white t-shirts
  • 6 t-shirts
  • 1 brown belt
  • 1 scarf

What I quickly realized is that the 4 button-ups were 2, too many. I put two in the list and have yet to even wear them. While I love the button up over the tshirt look, I really only like this one button-up shirt I have so I mix it up with different colored t-shirts underneath. I also realized that 3 pairs of khakis was awesome in theory but again, 2, too many. I have worn the same grey “broken-in” khakis from Old Navy about 4 times now and for probably 2 days each time. They just fit so well and are so comfortable and they look great with all of my shoe choices. With my boots they are great for day to day. With my sneakers they are perfect for a little light walking, etc. Rolled up a few times and worn with my flip flops they make great “tropical” attire. In fact in today’s picture (inspired by PoMo Golightly and her Project 333 pics) I am wearing the grey khakis, my boots, and a red, plain t-shirt that my wife loves and says I look handsome in (reason to keep it #1).

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying Project 333; the people I have met through it, the self-analysis I have done because of it, the time I have saved because of it.

What about you? How many clothes do you have? Would you consider joining us in our 333 endeavors?