It is very difficult to postpone necessary purchases for a home when your build time is seemingly so far away. I can remember when my folks built their dream home. I do believe they had the ceramic tile house number nearly a year before ground was even broken. I think it is a mixture of excitement and a need to realize the vision as a reality. For us it is about budget though. We can afford some small things now and rather than put $20 or $25 aside for building materials we are purchasing a few smaller ticket times that may possibly be discontinued a year from now.

Such is the case with our new bathroom sink.

Because the bathroom in Tiny House will be just at 44″ across by 62″ deep (roughly 18 sq. ft.) and we want a small sink, a composting toilet, and a shower unit, we already know size is a larger concern here than perhaps anywhere else on the trailer.

About 3 weeks ago we were on a day trip with my momma shopping around Atlanta. On a bit of a whim we decided to stop in at IKEA. Most tiny dwellers and minimalists have adopted IKEA as a place to furnish with maximum storage and minimal footprint. Why should it be any different for us? So as luck would have it Crystal ran across THE bathroom sink. Called the ANN sink this little, white, ceramic, Scandanavian-inspired, piece seemed to have the exact dimensions we felt comfortable with: Width: 15 3/4 ” – Depth: 15 3/4 ” – Height: 12 5/8 “. And at only $79.99 it seemed to fit our budget well. Now mind you we would rather purchase something recycled, repurposed, or otherwise ‘used.’ But in our several trips to second-hand building supply and garage sales we realized that most normal household sinks were just too larger for our needs. And when you are talking about your home – for life, we hope – there is no real reason to undercut yourself.

Of course the sink is designed to work with a special faucet set. In this case, the ANN bath faucet with strainer, which looks a lot like a Moen or something very high end. It is a compact design of brushed metal and really appeals to us aesthetically and efficiently. You can see the listing here.

So with those purchases we spent just at $182.00. For right now the sink and faucet will sit in their boxes (although we did unpack them to inspect them and then we taped the boxes back up) in our small pile at my folks’ house until we are done with the exterior build and moving on to the interior.