Just as CanarsieBK declared the other day that Organic Isn’t a Splurge, It’s My Healthcare, so it shall be with our Tiny House sleeping arrangement. It won’t be a splurge, it will instead be our way of saving on future surgical procedures, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. That is why we spent this past weekend looking at some beds we had already researched online and ultimately purchasing a c3 SleepNumber, queen size, bed.

We currently sleep on a SleepNumber and because of the difference in our sizes (Crystal is not quite 5’2″ and I am 6′ even…and about 120 lbs. more) it is perfect for personalization and quality sleep for two mis-matched in size people. At about $1200 though it is no bargain and is certainly an expense when you are trying to build a home and furnish it to some degree. Why though would we want to spend $500 or $600 on a mattress (and box spring) that needs replacing every 3-4 years when we can make a solid investment on a bed system that has a 20-year warranty and such good reviews?

The first thing to consider though is that our Tiny House design (which, I promise, will be released in a matter of days) discards the traditional A-frame pitch roofing of most Tiny Houses in favor of a more flattened roof design with a less steep pitch. The loft will actually have dormers allowing for maximum sleeping space. And at 78″ across there will be ample room for the 60″ queen mattress as well as a built-in cubby of some sort.

I am not saying this bed situation will fall upon all tiny builders. Some already have a bed they like. Others are looking for something more simple like a tatami mat or a hammock while others may prefer something more universal like a Murphy Bed or Slide Away Bed. But since we didn’t own our own bed prior to this weekend, it was important for us to make a sound investment on something that fit our needs now and a year from now.

What about your tiny house? Do you have an unusual or an incredibly practical sleeping arrangement? And if you own a full-size house, would you ever consider alternative bedding?