Since Thursday afternoon we have been in Pink Hill, North Carolina visiting with Crystal’s family and taking a tour of our future homestead. No, we have no fancy name for it yet and we don’t even know what our true intention for the square feet are. But it was pretty much all the excitement we could handle just seeing the plot and walking it foot by foot.

At 1 acre (or 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet) the land is perfect for us and the Tiny House and with an empty plot next to it, perhaps a perfect starting point for our new homestead. The lot, as it stands now, is wooded and will need ample clearing. But towards the middle is a clearing that seems to be calling out for our Tiny House. After walking into the thick we started to realize where this could go, where that would work, what might grow here, and how that would definitely grow there. Although I didn’t vocalize my excitement too much it was a great step forward for us and yet another encouraging sign that we were moving in the right direction.

We do know we don’t want to strip the lot but rather clear out a little more of the middle in order to plant the homestead. We want to replace some of the native trees with some orchard trees in order to grow fruit for jams and jellies. We need garden space and a little room for the chicken coops. Once we really get on the land we’ll fence some goats in to help clear the underbrush.

Already a few loyal readers of have asked what will become of Odom’s Idle Acres. Obviously my folks will continue to live there. They will probably not want to maintain gardens and animals to the extent that we currently do. In fact, they want to travel more and so will probably allow much of the homestead to return to the Earth. OIA has taught us a great deal of lessons and prepared us for this next adventure. But for now, we stick to our plan of attack. Within weeks we will be back at OIA and paying off debt, looking for a trailer to buy, and saving money to begin real construction.

Did you have an exciting weekend? Did any plans come together for you?