A lot bloggers I know – including myself at times – try to come up with witty themes for certain days that will carry over week after week. There are ‘Memorable Mondays’ where you are encouraged to share a special memory, ‘Tasty Tuesdays’ wherein you talk about food, ‘Wacky….well, you get my point. So then it only makes sense that Saturday and Sunday (while often the dark days on personal blogs and even social media sites) would have a clever theme.

I want to establish up front though that ‘S’ on tinyrevolutions will stand for silence. They will be days spent far away from the familiar tap, tap, tap, of the keyboard. Morning coffee will be spent either having conversation with wife and/or family, or just in silent awe of the world around me. I refuse to sacrifice more of my mornings to the glow of my cell phone or the blinking icon on my Twitter feed.  I’ve been guilty for too long now of waking up and checking voicemails or scanning my Facebook stream before even kissing Crystal good morning.

A large part of minimal living is learning to reconnect with only the things that truly matter and eliminating clutter and distraction as much as possible. Inspired greatly by Gwen Bell, Tammy Strobel, and Jennifer Louden, in regards to their digital sabbaticals, every Saturday and Sunday will be spent avoiding:

and doing more:

  • Enjoying conversations that are neither forced nor prompted
  • Reading books that were once printed on paper
  • Sewing
  • Helping my wife cook (or learning from her, should I say)
  • Drinking coffee slowly and again enjoying the different tastes
  • Walking or biking for no particular reason

Before I log out though I want to leave you with 10 things to do to jumpstart your own silent weekends.

  1. Explore the state park system. There are over 400 National Park System locations offering such activities as biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and bird watching. Take a few hours to celebrate this treasured use of gov’t funds and find out what awesome resource may be right in your own community.
  2. Log off, Sign off, Shut down. Part of going silent is closing the lid on your computer, limiting your cell phone usage, disconnecting from the 24/7 news media, etc. The more you allow yourself to disconnect, the easier and more rewarding it will become.
  3. Fall in love with the classics. Amazon.com has a wonderful list of 25 american literature classics. Some of them are straight off the high school english syllabus while others are a little more advanced and even questionable. But when you are spending more time reading you are allowing yourself to again fall in love with the Great American Novel.
  4. Move your hips! I am not a hula hooper and I am not sure a grown man should even consider the notion. However, hula hooping has become wildly popular lately as a great form of exercise as well as creative expression.
  5. Harness the sun. Make yourself wake up a little earlier to catch the sunrise. And while you’re at it spend a full hour watching the day fall into night. The colors alone are reward.
  6. Simplify your finances. While fancy apps like Quicken and Quickbooks are wonderful ways to track your spending as well as online sources like Mint.com you don’t always need to look further than paying down your debt and spending cash only.
  7. Do Something Now! Volunteer. Be it an hour or the full weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to share your time and skill set.
  8. Revel in the roast! Have a good cup of fair trade coffee and find out why millions of Americans choose this way to start their day.
  9. Start a journal. There is no tried or true way to start a journal. They can be as simple or as explicit and as complicated as one wants. But they are great to organize thoughts, put ideas on paper, and free yourself of emotions and concerns.
  10. Do less. Then, do even less.

Did I miss anything? What would you add to the list or what are you currently doing to log off in your life?