After dinner tonight Crystal and I took a rather casual (read: polite way of saying we were being nosey) stroll through the James Island County Park and Campground taking note of the different campers and RVs and even the occasional tent. What consistently blew my mind though was the grand scale of some of these ‘recreation’ vehicles. Simply put, if that is ‘recreation’ then what must their daily look like? I can only imagine. Granted, I don’t know the living situation of anyone else here so I can’t determine if the occupants are full-time RVers of it this is, indeed, just for recreation. I can’t even find a reliable statistic on how many full time RVers there are in America. But save the independently wealthy I have to assume that most of my neighbors this weekend have some sort of occupation to pay for both the RV and the vehicles used to tow them (and in some cases, even the vehicles being towed BY them).

NOTE: The price of a Class ‘C’ motorhome, on average, is $56,474.

We are living for the next month in a 1999 Jayco Jay Series pop-up camper. It is 16’8″ long and is void of heating/air, bathroom, and fridge. We have made it our own though locating the kitchen outside and using the double bed as our closet/storage area. I am working from the kitchenette area. We are plugged into the facilities provided by the campground and are showering at the community bathhouse. All in all, it is perfect….I guess just for us though.

As we walked down the street tonight passing what seemed like castles on wheels we kept asking what people did with 42′ of space (length) with up to 15′ feet of width. Most times are questions were answered though as a number of shades were left undrawn and lights inside were on allowing us great opportunity to, ahem, have a casual look inside. It seems the nostalgic glow of the campfire has largely been replaced with the glow of flat screen televisions and the outdoor propane stove or charcoal grill with galley kitchens complete with granite countertop and full size fridges.

Are we naive in our pursuit of the Tiny House? Will we really be able to stand each other in just 20′ feet by 8′? Will out sleeping loft prove large enough for two people, exhausted from their perspective days? When did roughing it get so smooth? And are we just being simple-minded to think our desires and dreams are too small for a 21st century life?