I have a wonderful day job. I work at a computer for a number of hours but whilst there I handle my companies growing online social community as well as many functions of our website(s) and platforms. Part of my job though is to travel in between our locations and conduct marketing/social media workshops as well as work on community building.

Most times I would simply fly in, rent a car, get a hotel room, work, fly out. It is not the most eco-friendly of travel experiences and I always feel guilty about my carbon footprint when both flying and driving a rental car. However on this trip I decided to make it a bit different. Because I was going to have to be gone for a month and I can hardly be away from my wife for a few days without being grumpy, I asked her if she wanted to make a road trip (read: Tiny House dry run) out of it. She agreed and now here we are: Night #2.

I would say so far, so good, but that would indicate there haven’t been a few growing pains already. It is 10:20pm and the temperature outside is 93 degrees; a balmy 93 at that. And since we are “living” in a pop-up camper without temperature control we feel every degree of that. Crystal has, however, made a tidy little home for us in our camper and I have a workstation set up with my computer and peripherals. We are using the ‘other’ bed as a closet and the only available countertop as our kitchen. We are cooking outside on a propane camp cookstove and bathing at the community washroom. It is actually quite nice. We have eaten well. We have slept well. We don’t stink…too bad!

It hasn’t been much of an adjustment yet but I think the month is going to show us a lot of things; teach us valuable lessons when designing our Tiny Home. I do know I have already realized that our kitchen must have some sort of pot rack as those things tend to clutter up much needed counter space and/or cupboard space.

So what about you? Have you been on a camping trip longer than a 4-day weekend or so? What type of camper? Did you rough it or take it smooth?