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Below are what people have said about us and the Tiny r(E)volution.


As a writer and a frequent guest on my show Andrew Odom has a unique way of making you think about your priorities, and what’s really important in life. We have all heard the phrase, Less is More, but we rarely utilize this in our daily lives. Andrew not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle. I’m proud to call him a friend.

Andy G. Schneider, The Chicken Whisperer


Drew Odom has been a wonderful addition to the Tiny House Blog with his How-To guest posts. His knowledge in construction and issues regarding building tiny houses plus his ability to communicate that knowledge through writing makes him a great resource for those wanting to learn more.

Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)


Andrew and Crystal have been an awesome addition to the tiny house community. They’re filled with passion for simple living and on top of that they shares useful how to information you can probably use if you’re thinking about building your own tiny house or if you’re just simplifying your life.

Alex Pino (Tiny House Talk)


Andrew’s exceptional How-To knowledge is made that much better by his sense of humor, personality and ability to communicate the nitty-gritty details of DIY building in an accessible and useful way. Tiny r(E)volution has kept us inspired about tackling our own tiny house building project, and we are always encouraged by Andrew and Crystal’s warmth and enthusiasm for helping out and cultivating the tiny house community.

Merete Mueller and Christopher Carson Smith (Tiny)


Andrew Odom’s enthusiasm and dedication to living a more simple and sustainable lifestyle shines through the blogs he crafts for His down-to-earth articles and advice appeal to a wide audience of people who already embrace the idea of living life more resourcefully, as well as to readers who want to learn from someone who is not only writing about it, but living it.

Drew is not afraid to get his hands dirty, both on and off the computer. He shares both complex and simple issues in a style that encourages interaction and reactions. His twice-a-week blog on topics surrounding his building a tiny home and his Tiny r(E)volution adds conversation-starting, and traffic boosting, content to both our web site and our social media pages. We feel as though we’re on the farm with him, working side by side, learning, as he does, what works and what doesn’t.

Drew is a creative and talented individual who loves to interact with our readers, visitors, and fans. We’re grateful to have had him as an official blogger.

Sandi Duncan, Philom.,
Managing Editor, Farmers’ Almanac


Andrew Odom’s life is guided by strong morals and real, practical knowledge of what it takes to live sustainably on the Earth. I love reading about his adventures with his family — they’re a great influence on my own life as I work toward sustainability. More than that, though, the Tiny r(E)volution crew make it seem fun and exciting to learn new things, even simple things like how to pick potatoes. I’m glad to have encountered these folks and looking forward to what they’ll do next.

Jessica Reeder
Founder and Blogger,


Andrew Odom is that guy you want to have as a good friend; someone you can trust, have over for dinner, and who would show up to help you plant a garden or raise a barn.  He truly walks what he talks and is leading a Tiny r(E)volution that everyone can benefit paying attention to. After years of being in the “green” scene and seeing faces come and go, Andrew is the real deal who believes in a sustainable future for all and who will be around encouraging all of us for the long haul. If you’re looking for positive inspiration on how to lead a greener life, Andrew is the man to follow.

David Quilty, Publisher of  The Good Human