We have tried to be very authentic, very transparent, and very hands-on during the building of our tiny house. We wish you could all be here to build alongside us. Alas, that is not possible. In that spirit though we have put together a number of our steps in both photo and video formats.

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Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the following videos:


Tiny House – installing EcoFoil

Tiny House – planing lumber

Tiny House – exterior paint test

Tiny House – subfloor

Tiny House – wall framing

Tiny House – news coverage

Tiny House – siding application

Tiny House – truss building

Tiny House – roof sheathing

Tiny House – installing a skylight

Tiny House – installing a ClimateRight portable heating and cooling system

Tiny House – installing Blum Tandem Drawer Slides

Tiny House – installing Blumotion hinges
Tiny House – adding Salad Bowl finish
Tiny House – Installing US Floors cork flooring