Tiny House How-To


It took us nearly 14 months to finish the exterior and most of the interior of our 240 sq.ft., single-level, tiny house. Along the way we picked up a number of skills that we have committed to an ongoing series of How-To’s. Please do click through to read about our experience from start to….well, where we are even now!


How-To live in a Tiny House

How-To sandblast a trailer

How-To determine trailer weight for your Tiny House

How-To choose windows for your Tiny House

How-To stock a minimalist kitchen

How-To find and use reclaimed materials in your Tiny House

How-To decorate your Tiny House

How-To anchor down your Tiny House

How-To determine the electric load of your house

How-To plumb a Tiny House

How-To pour a concrete slab

How-To draw up blueprints for your Tiny House

How-To install windows in your Tiny House

How-To install trailer lights for your Tiny House

How-To make your Tiny House safe 

How-To paint your tiny house with eco-friendly paint

How-To install radiant barrier


…and more being added weekly! But as we have continued on our tiny house adventure almost every post has become a How-To. Actually building tends to turn in that direction.

With that said, you may notice that nearly all posts are now How-To’s. If you are looking for a specific post just type “How-To” into the search box and scan the results.

You can also see our How-To series in VIDEO! Just follow this link.

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  • Fawn

    I would love to see pics … :-)

    • anotherkindofdrew

      All pics are visible on our Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewodom/

  • Kevin

    Love to see the How-To stuff.  Keep up the great work.

  • Hensinthehouse

    Great site! We’re working on our tiny home. I have not seen any roof vents on these. Maybe I just havn’t looked hard enough… How is the plumbing for sinks, showers and toilet vented?

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      Roof ventilation is typically not necessary, per se, because most tiny houses have open roofing with exposed beams. There is no real place for condensation to accumulate. As for plumbing, it truly depends on what kind of plumbing is being used. If an incinerator or composting toilet is used, some of them are ventless. Toilets and sinks are 80% of the time using grey water systems like RVs so the venting and accumulation is done in tanks or containers. Feel free to email me with any specific questions. 

      • abelzyl

        My first tiny house has an insulated roof. The condensation that permeates through the wall structure is astounding, even though the interior walls are a reasonably good vapor barrier. 

        I never would have known about it, but for the fact that I put clear roofing (polycarbonate) on, and also a small row of vents along the top of the structure, under the corrugated roofing. I thought any small amount of water would dissipate via the corrugations. However, the first winter, you could see the water accumulate quickly around the vents and trickle out from beneath the roofing!I moved the vents to the eaves, and removed the roof so I could cover the old ones. I use the vent fan alot more during the wet season now.

  • Karen

    I was checking out your fall gardening pictures and noticed pictures of bell peppers.  Did you actually grow bell peppers in the fall garden?  If so I live in S.W. Georgia and was wondering if I could start some bell peppers.  I have heirloom seeds.

    • Andrew Odom

      I’m not sure where you saw those Karen. I only have one Fall Garden set of photos (on Flickr) and it doesn’t contain any peppers. Bell Peppers are a late spring/summer crop in our region. I am just finishing up our peppers for this year, in fact. You can start the peppers if you are growing them in a hoop house, hot house, etc. But it takes at least 70-90 days for them to really cultivate well and by that time we will be into early fall where they are subject to frost damage.

  • Mimi

    Where do you park the Tiny House?

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      Us personally Mimi or in general?

  • Rebekah Athey

    How do I pick a trailer for a house weighing 6-7000 pounds? Every site I’ve been to was uber expensive.

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      There is no black-and-white answer for that question. There are some people who have no problem using a used trailer from Craigslist or something similar. There are others that swear on a brand new trailer like you would purchase from Tiny Home Builders. It is a personal preference to be honest.