What began as just a personal journal of our tiny house build has blossomed into a community of dreamers, planners, builders, dwellers, and advocates. Because of such tremendous interest and support we are happy to have expanded into e-Cours(E)s, books, construction plans, and more!

Your Message Here :: GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS for your tiny house

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First and foremost this book will give you the confidence and integrity to approach any sponsor with a Win-Win attitude.

We have been asked a number of times how we managed to partner with the likes of LP SmartSide, ClimateRight, EcoFoil, and others. “Do you know someone that works there?” The question has been asked enough times that we feel like an answer is necessary. And so now it is with easy-to-understand sections like Relationship Over Interest, Types of Sponsorships, Building a Social Media Strategy, and Letterwriting 101, as well as personal accounts from other tiny house community members who have enjoyed the sponsorship of companies; local and national!

And as an added bonus we have included templates for email requests, traditional letters, and even cold calls. This is an eBook not before seen in the tiny house community and not soon to be rivaled. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming public or being a rolling billboard for corporate America there are sure to be tips included that may give you confidence to even just barter with a local business. There is no reason to wait. There are sponsorships to be had. You just have to ask!

NOTE: This is an electronic book in PDF format. It is not a physical book. 


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Built-In Roll Out Bed

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Like any family we enjoy having house guests and visits from friends and family. But with just 240 square feet it is sometimes quite difficult. That is why when we realized our “tiny office” had the potential to be so much more. Imagine turning your home office or detached studio into a beautiful and cozy guest bedroom in less then 3 minutes? That is what our Built-In Roll Out Bed allows you to do.

NOTE: This is an electronic download in PDF format. It is not a physical set of plans. 


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How-To Decorate the Tiny House

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Do you have a flair for the decadent? Does your style read more modern bohemia than Appalachian cabin? Maybe you prefer color over monochromatic. Whatever the case, this e-Book is the one for you.

This guide is written to help tiny home and small space dwellers turn their house into a home using space-saving tips, color tricks, and a host of other decorating ideas. You’ll read stories and gain insight from guest decorators. You’ll see page after page of photos that allow you to see the concepts come to life. And you’ll encounter even the author’s own tiny house decor.

Sections Include: The Bold and The Beautiful, Windows To The World, The Psychology of Color, and 15 Top Tiny Tips.

NOTE: This is an electronic book in PDF format. It is not a physical book. 


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