Towing Tiny House (and the footage to prove it)

Starting tomorrow at 4:30am we will be on the road to take our tiny house from middle Georgia to eastern North Carolina. It is time to return to the homestead we painstakingly cleared and set up from … More

The role of subfloors in the tiny house

We have talked repeatedly about flooring for out tiny house and have even asked for your advice and experience on our Facebook page. But what I realized last night was that we have been grossly … More


Life On The Road As A Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad is all about being location independent. A new millenium buzzword? Perhaps. The 21st century telecommuter? Sure. Valid way of living the life of travel … More

Washing Your Clothes When On The Road

I wasn't responsible for my own laundry until I had moved away to college. I was a freshly minted 17-year old faced with a a roll of quarters someone had given me for a high school … More