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How-To Read Window Ratings

There is a certain amount of anxiety that takes hold when walking through a store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. First there is the notion that perhaps by even purchasing something there you are forsaking your eco-friendly, sustainable ideals. Then there is the thought that perhaps if you held out long enough and scoured carefully […]

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How-To Defeat Epicurious Clutter

As we spend more and more time working out details on Tiny House we tend to find reason after reason for needing full-size appliances, storage room, pantry space……… Okay. Confession time. I have temporarily lost my tiny mojo. Since visiting my folks’ house (roughly 3800 sq. ft.) this month I have lost sight of our […]

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Another Man’s Revolution-Closet Hunt

As stated in my introductory post, the S&D family is not a hoarding one by any means. We do however, lose track of the things we use most daily which is – most specifically – the clothing in our closet. The Scissors & Drumsticks closet is a shared walk-in type, complete with a wire shelving […]

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Looking forward to a Tiny Garden

Our Tiny House will sit on the unofficially named Tiny Lane. There we will raise Tiny Goats and this year, have a Tiny Farm. Unlike last year, we simply aren’t ready to have multiple gardens full of organic produce and fruits. We will have to exchange the size of our ‘salad bowl,’ if you will, […]

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Is there a definition for a Tiny House?

One of the things we have constantly asked ourselves during the course of Tiny House is, “How much do we really need? Do we think we need that because it seems like the smallest size we can remain sane in or because we actually need that space?” Then I typically end up thinking about the […]

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