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Where In The World… tiny revolutionnnnnn

Before I began to write this post I kept hearing in my head, “Where in the world are those Tiny r(E)volution people?” But due to my sitcom-induced and afternoon special infused upbringing I heard that magical group Rockapella singing it instead. I have been more or less absent from Twitter, Facebook, HOMEGROWN, the Tiny House […]

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Project 333 – Phase 2 – Week 4

I’ve gotten to the point where I honestly don’t remember having more than 33 items of clothing. My wardrobe seems robust. My look(s) seem fresh. I have dressed appropriately for all occasions including the obligatory family holidays. Perhaps the thing that has recently been on my mind is the emphasis on numbers. One of the […]

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How-To stay sane in a Tiny House

As a reader of the Farmers’ Almanac I am pretty familiar with the fact that this winter is going to be wetter (check), colder (check), and more miserable (check. CHECK) than the past few winters. And I would be remiss not to say it hasn’t been on my mind lately as to how to deal […]

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Another Man’s Revolution-Snack Cake Revolution

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m going to make a left turn and jump off the beaten path and camp out on the subject of snack cakes. Snack cakes, you ask? Ahh yes, the delectable little treasures in their trophy like cellophane wrappers we all have had at one time or another to suppress the cravings of our […]

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Finding love amidst all the clutter

Like so many other Americans, Crystal and I were married in February; the week after Valentine’s Day, nonetheless. We considered having our small wedding ceremony on the “sacred day of love” but opted to go the weekend after as it saved us hundreds of dollars in overall expenses. It wasn’t about the money though. It […]

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